Christopher Johnson says he has full confidence in Adam Gase

The Jets got pushed around by the Bills in Week One, but that’s not shaking CEO Christopher Johnson’s “every confidence” in the team’s head coach.

That was Johnson’s message during a Wednesday meeting with reporters. He admitted that last Sunday was “a mess” and that’s been the case more than once since Gase took over before the 2019 season, but Johnson said he still has the support of ownership.

“I think that he has a lot more in him as a head coach than some of our fans are giving him credit for,” Johnson said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I understand. They want to see success. I think that they will.”

Johnson said that he believes the team has a roster that’s capable of winning, but didn’t mandate any level of success that he expects to see in order for Gase to continue on as the head coach of the team.

“I’m going to want to see this team progress,” Johnson said. “Hopefully, that won’t be too hard from that first game, but I’m looking for real progression over this season. I’m confident that we’ll see that.”

The Jets could make a clear improvement over what they did in the season opener without coming close to a winning record, which is one of many outcomes that would lead to further questions for Johnson about the future of a franchise that last went to the postseason in 2010.